skipton road in colne dental care
Skipton Road
Family Friendly Dentistry in Colne Lancashire
skipton road dentist lancashire
Cosmetic Teeth
Skipton Road
Family Friendly Dentistry in Colne Lancashire
Family Dental
Skipton Road
Family Friendly Dentistry in Colne Lancashire
Teeth Straightening
skipton road in colne dental care
Family Friendly Dentistry
in Colne Lancashire

The family friendly dentist in Colne, Lancashire – I always feel welcome…

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    Skipton Road Dental in Colne

    Welcome to Skipton Road Dental Practice, a family based and friendly dental practice in Colne.

    Our team look forward to welcoming you to Skipton Road Dental Practice in Colne where you will feel like one of the family. You will enjoy being relaxed and cared for in calm, comfortable surroundings with a team of true professionals.


    If you are looking for a practice:

    • Where all your family are welcomed
    • Where you are greeted by name
    • Where you can feel relaxed and valued as a patient
    • Where the team are all skilled and experienced to be able to give you great care
    • Which values education and development of its team
    • Which values progression and investing in new technology


    Then you may be looking for Skipton Road Dental Practice.


    We welcome you to our practice, to look around and meet our skilled and caring team.
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    What our Patients Say

    What our Patients Say

    Tom Friar dentist in colne

    Meet Our Team

    Tom is the practice owner and principal dentist here at Skipton Road Dental Practice, having been with the practice since 2005. He joined the practice straight after University and graduating as a dentist. When the option came up to become owner of the practice, Tom decided to take the plunge.


    He continues to educate and develop himself and his team, being Accredited Trainer of newly qualified dentists. He wants you to feel welcome and cared for at Skipton Road. You will not feel rushed and may want to stay a little longer to chat!


    Tom and all the team will spend time with you to help guide you with your choices. Understanding complicated dental terms can be overwhelming and they all understand this so you can be confident in your dental choices.

    General Dentistry

    At Skipton Road Dental, we provide routine, general dentistry for all the family. From oral health check ups, dental hygiene and simple fillings to complex crowns, bridges and dentures.

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Enhance your teeth and smile at Skipton Road Dental. We offer orthodontic teeth straightening, dental veneers, composite white dental fillings and smile makeovers that enhance your confidence.

    Boutique Teeth Whitening

    Tooth whitening is a great way to make a transformation to your teeth and smile. It can be used on its own or as part of a much larger treatment plan, perhaps a smile makeover. When carried out by your dental professional, Boutique Tooth Whitening offers a safe, predictable and reliable way to whiten your teeth which will give you more confidence and be sure to make you smile!

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    • It’s National Sugar Awareness Week January 18-21st 2021. Aiming to raise awareness on the benefits of reducing sugar intake for health….  And importantly, also there are benefits to your dental health! Frequent consumption of food and drinks containing sugars...

    Get in Touch

    For more information on any of our treatments or to book an appointment, please get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.


    13 Skipton Road, Colne BB8 0NQ


    Opening Hours

    Monday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
    Tuesday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
    Wednesday- 8.45AM – 5:30PM
    Thursday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
    Friday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
    Saturday – closed
    Sunday – closed