Reasons why an Electric Toothbrush is better than a Manual

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Reasons why an Electric Toothbrush is better than a Manual

You hear dentists talking about how wonderful electric toothbrushes are all the time, but, are they really all they’re cracked up to be? The answer is yes and here’s a few reasons as to why we think so.

Greater plaque removal

It is proven that using an electric toothbrush removes much more plaque than your regular manual toothbrush which is due to the oscillating movement the head makes; the head is also small which is designed to cup each tooth individually for a more thorough clean. Plaque is the sticky film that covers your teeth and it contains bacteria which are bad for your teeth and gums. Removing plaque reduces your risk of developing decay and gingivitis (inflammation of the gums).

They do the hard work for you

If there’s an easier way to do things you’d want to give it a go, right? Using an electric toothbrush takes away the hard work making it easier for you which proves invaluable if you have any dexterity issues. Of course you still have to brush yourself but the oscillating movement of the head reaches where you need to; most electric toothbrushes also have timers built into them which ensures you get your 2 minute brush in twice a day.

Built in pressure sensordental health advice in burnley

It’s easy to get into the habit of scrubbing your teeth to make them feel cleaner but this isn’t needed; in fact scrubbing your teeth can hurt your gums and cause them to recede. Most electric toothbrushes come with a built in pressure sensor which will light up when you’re pressing too hard. Plaque is a soft film so a gentle action will remove this adequately.

More engaging for younger ones

If you have little ones or teenagers that you struggle to convince to brush their teeth then an electric toothbrush can be more engaging and easier for them to use; this could help them get into a good routine. If your child has braces an electric toothbrush will give an overall better clean. Maybe it’s you that needs to get into a routine, why not give an electric toothbrush a go?

These are just a few reasons why we think electric toothbrushes are much better than a manual. Why not try it out – we recommend the Oral-B Pro 2500 range. Happy brushing!

If you would like advice on choosing the best toothbrush for you please ask at your next dental appointment or call the Skipton Road Dental on 01282 862244  and ask our friendly team.



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