dental treatments burnley
Family Friendly Dental Care in Colne Lancashire
dental treatments burnley
Family Friendly Dentistry
in Colne Lancashire

Preventive Dental Care in Colne, Lancashire

Regular attendance and regular checks allow problems to be intercepted early. At Skipton Road Dental Practice we have a strong preventive ethos and like to see our patients every six months or once a year depending on your needs. As a team we work closely together to ensure you receive the most appropriate preventive advice at the most appropriate time.


Dental Hygiene Therapists

Dental Hygiene Therapists are part of our team and able to deliver great preventive care as well as treatment for gum disease and children’s care.


Membership Plans

With Denplan encourage our patients to attend regularly and receive the best preventive care.

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Dental Check ups

A full oral health assessment allows us to spot decay early, diagnose gum disease as well as screen for early signs of mouth cancer.

Dental Hygiene

Our Dental Hygiene Therapists will develop a personalised preventive plan for you to enable you to achieve the best dental and gum health possible.

Children’s Dentistry

All children are welcome to attend for modern, preventive based dentistry to help guide them into adulthood with good dental habits.

Relief and Rescue

When you are in pain and in need of urgent attention we can arrange a same day appointment to help get you back on track and make you feel human again.

Get in Touch

For more information on any of our treatments or to book an appointment, please get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.


13 Skipton Road, Colne BB8 0NQ


Opening Hours

Monday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
Tuesday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
Wednesday- 8.45AM – 5:30PM
Thursday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
Friday – 8.45AM – 5:30PM
Saturday – closed
Sunday – closed