Looking After Yourself and Your Dental Health in Lockdown

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Looking After Yourself and Your Dental Health in Lockdown

Coronavirus looks set to stay for a while longer, so it’s important to not only look at your dental health but your overall health and well-being at this time. The pressures of the last 5 months have undoubtedly impacted everyone in our community and its times like this when we must come together (all be it virtually) and help each other. With that we’ve put together some handy tips to ensure your health and well-being during this strange and unsettling time.

1. It’s ok not to be ok. Sadness, anger, frustration or fear are all feelings that could be heightened at present and that’s ok. There is help available to you from many charities. Visit Mind for further help and advice.

2. Reach out – stay in touch with your friends and family members – this may mean you need to embrace new technologies – alas help is at hand visit TechForce 19 to find a list of companies who have been tasked with helping people to embrace new technology who may be feeling isolated due to Covid-19.

3. Get out – (Unless you need to self-isolate) Exercise is brilliant for reducing anxiety and focusing the mind as well as the obvious other health benefits!

4. Ditch the junk – it’s easy to take comfort in junk food at a time of increased pressure and anxiety however this will ultimately only help in reducing your mood further. Junk food is also packed with salt and sugar. Opt for healthy and nutritious foods, focus on learning new cooking techniques and trying something new. The Association of UK Dieticians have some great tips and advice on their website.

5. Brush, brush, brush! Routines may be a thing of the past at present, but it’s important to keep brushing your teeth and cleaning in between them twice a day. Try to stick to your old routine if possible – this will focus your mind and also prevent you from slacking with your home dental health routine!

6. Talk to us! We are still here for you, be it dental problems or if you just need to chat! Our phone lines are open from 8.45am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday – Call us on 01282 864422 – we’re always happy to help.

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