Take Eggs-tra Special Care of your Teeth this Easter

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Take Eggs-tra Special Care of your Teeth this Easter

It’s Easter again!! All of the shops have been promoting their Easter eggs since Christmas. Doesn’t it seem to get earlier each year? We’d like to help you protect your teeth during this time. The last thing anybody wants is to have a filling after a fun time of year.

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Did you know that each time you eat sugar your teeth are under an acid attack?

This weakens the enamel on your teeth and can cause cavities and decay; each acid attack lasts between 30-45 minutes. Here’s a few tips on how to protect your teeth this Easter:

  • Ensure you brush your teeth twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste for 2 minutes. The fluoride is going to provide your teeth with the protection it needs.
  • Keep those sweet treats, whether it’s Easter eggs or sweets, to meal times to reduce the amount of acid attacks you expose your teeth to.
  • If you’re having a sugary treat you should try and have a non-sugar drink with your treat. For example, have milk or water as this will flush away any sugar sitting on your teeth. Having fizzy, sugary drinks will add to the acid attack and even cause erosion; this applies to diet fizzy drinks as well.

Are you planning on doing an Easter egg hunt for your little ones?

There are ways to reduce how much sugar you expose them to. Of course everyone has treats (even us), who doesn’t’?

Why not try a couple of these ideas?

  • Swap the end prize for a nice fluffy teddy instead of a big egg.
  • There are plenty of tooth friendly treats out there such as sugar free sweets.
  • Make a swap to dark chocolate as this contains less sugar than milk and white chocolate.
  • Make a fun filled Easter hamper. Ideas include a small dark chocolate egg, sugar free sweets, colouring books and pencils, a nice fluffy teddy and some arts and crafts (examples could be outdoor chalks, paints with plastic eggs, coloured papers such as crepe paper, shredded paper, card or tissue paper which could be used to stick on shapes of Easter themed print outs).

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If you’re stuck on what to do over the long weekend with your little ones how about trying one of these fun activities?

Egg painting – All you need for this is some eggs which can be real or plastic, some paint, an old sheet to protect your surfaces and some messy hands. Once painted you could fill a basket with them or hang them up for everybody to see. What a good way to let your creative side out!!

Colouring in – Grab an Easter themed colouring book or print off some pages that you can find on the internet and some colouring pens or pencils. This should keep them entertained!

Plant some pretty flowers – your little ones can watch their new plants grow.

Glow in the dark egg hunt – all you need for this is some plastic eggs that can be opened, a small glow stick to snap and place inside the egg along with a small prize. This could be sugar free treats or even a clue to lead you to the end prize. Fun for both the little ones and adults!!

Whatever you do this Easter all of us from Skipton Road Dental Practice hope you have an egggg-cellent time!!

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