Looking After Your Teeth at Easter With All Those Chocolate Eggs!

Easter is a time for relaxing and celebrating the good things in life.  But of course, this can mean eating lots of chocolate!

Chocolate is a treat and, to a certain extent, is a normal part of our diet.  We all eat it, and that’s fine if we do this infrequently and in moderation.  After all, let’s not forget, chocolate is delicious!!

However, chocolate is packed with sugar and if we eat too much it will eventually cause problems with our teeth in the form of tooth decay.

You can find more details about the causes of tooth decay here: Understanding Tooth Decay with Tom

To help reduce the risk of tooth decay, we advise reducing the frequency of sugar consumption during the day.  It’s better to keep your sugary treats to mealtimes and to avoid snacking.

So, here are our Chocolate Easter Egg top tips!

  1. Scoff your Easter egg in one go!  Yes, you heard that right!  You’re going to eat it anyway, so enjoy it and eat it in a single sitting.  This will reduce the duration of which the sugar will damage your teeth.
  1. Rinse out after eating chocolate.  This will help clear the sugar from your mouth more quickly
  1. Keep up regular brushing habits – brush twice daily with a good fluoride toothpaste.  Spit the toothpaste out at the end, but don’t rinse.


Happy Easter!

Love from the team at Skipton Road



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