National Sugar Awareness Week

National Sugar Awareness Week

It’s National Sugar Awareness Week January 18-21st 2021.

Aiming to raise awareness on the benefits of reducing sugar intake for health….  And importantly, also there are benefits to your dental health!

Frequent consumption of food and drinks containing sugars increases the risk of tooth decay.

One of the most important messages we can give to you is to remember it is not just the amount of sugar you eat or drink that causes tooth decay, but also how often you have those foods and drinks.

Tooth decay can lead to pain, infections and tooth extractions… but it is preventable!


Useful tips:

Reduce the amount and frequency of sugary foods and drinks, try to have anything with sugar in it at mealtimes only.

Stick to tooth-friendly drinks such as plain water or milk.  Fizzy drinks contain a lot of sugar and even those that are sugar-free can cause problems too – they contain acids which can weaken teeth.

Look out for “hidden sugars” which are found in fruit juices and many processed foods.

Brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and spit out, but don’t rinse the toothpaste off.  Children should be supervised when brushing their teeth until the age of seven.

And finally… make sure you visit your dentist regularly.

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