Top Tips For Holiday Oral Health This Summer!

summer oral health advice in colne

Top Tips For Holiday Oral Health This Summer!

It’s here…. SUMMER TIME!! 😎😎😀😀

Here are our top tips for keeping your oral health and hygiene tip-top on your jolly hols this year. 

Don’t worry…. We aren’t about to lecture you, but just offer some really helpful ideas and hints to keep you on the straight and narrow (if only where your oral health is concerned)!

summer dental health adivce in colne

Stick to your routine

We can picture it… the sun is shining… the music is playing… your morning coffee may be calling and by goodness does that pool look inviting… but remember it’s important to keep to your dental hygiene routine. It’s 5 minutes out of your day which will leave you with approximately 960 minutes left to relax and enjoy.

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Limit acid attacks

Holiday beverages (you know the ones) tend to include a fizzy accompaniment such as lemonade or cola. Sipping on such drinks on and off may mean your teeth rarely get a break from acid attack. Where possible try to avoid fizzy sugary drinks. And if the temptation is too much consider drinking through a straw (a paper one to save the planet also).

dental health advice in colne

Keep Hydrated

We know you know…. But not only is water completely neutral when it comes to effects on the teeth, but it can also decrease your appetite which may mean you can resist those sweet holiday treats for that little bit longer.

summer dental tips in colne

Take a free sample

Next time you visit the practice, don’t forget to take some complimentary travel-sized toothpastes. They’re small, compact and really help in the plight to get ‘just one more pair of shoes’ in your case.


Members of our Denplan Care and Essential memberships are also reminded that holiday insurance is included in your membership plan. You can find details of this in your welcome pack, or you can call Denplan for more details! 


And that’s that! Which just leaves us to say “happy holidays” and enjoy!

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