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Family Friendly Dental Care in Colne Lancashire
Family Friendly Dentistry
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Tooth Repair in Colne, Lancashire

We can repair and restore teeth back to their former glory with all the wonderful modern materials and techniques we have at hand now. Using the services of our very skilful dental technicians we can also produce beautiful crowns, bridges and veneers for the very best of dental health and aesthetics. Form and function go hand in hand allowing you to have great looking teeth that work and fit together well. We do our upmost to save teeth and modern materials allow that more than ever now.Predictable root canal treatment also allows us to repair teeth that once had to be removed.


Modern materials

Bonding agents and tooth coloured composites are better than ever having used the best dental material technology available to develop materials that not only look good but deliver good wear characteristics and strength.


Skilled dental technician

By working with our skilled technicians we can produce crowns and veneers with great aesthetics and super strength that will give years of service.

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Root Canal Treatment

When a tooth is badly broken down or infected it may require root canal treatment or endodontics to save the tooth.


Dental veneers are very thin, shell like pieces of porcelain that are bonded on to the front surface of a tooth to enhance its shape and colour.


Modern restorative filling materials allow us to minimise tooth preparation thus practising Minimal Intervention Dentistry.


When a tooth is badly broken down it may require a crown to restore form and function. These restore strength to the tooth and allow superior aesthetics.

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