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No longer is tooth straightening just for teenagers. Invisalign Go™ uses near-invisible clear aligners to straighten your teeth in as little as three months. This has made these treatments much more accessible to the majority of us. They don’t interfere with our everyday life and no-one can tell you are having treatment. Until recently, if we wanted to improve the alignment of teeth we would often have to place crowns or veneers, hence destroying tooth tissue. We now know that tooth tissue is extremely precious and the less we destroy the better. With the advent of new straightening technologies, Invisalign treatments are becoming very popular.


Weekly aligners

Aligners are changed on a weekly basis to gently move your teeth into a predetermined position to achieve the perfect alignment for you. This allows treatments to progress quickly yet the forces are gentle, so this is a very comfortable treatment.



The digital technology behind Invisalign Go allows you to see how your teeth will appear at the completion of the tooth straightening treatment. This is a great motivator and, with weekly changes of your aligners, progression is quick.

invisalign teeth straightening in burnley and colne

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