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As a result of television and media coverage, we have all become more aware of the availability of Smile Makeovers. But a Smile Makeover can be anything from a simple whitening procedure to a more complex series of treatments. The key to success lies in understanding the problem and having access to our extensive skill-set so that all solutions can be explored. Our team will spend time to discuss your concerns and help you really understand what is possible. The skill of our team allows us to be able to offer a full range of choices to suit. We will discuss alternatives, choices and, of course, costings so you can be confident with your chosen path to your Smile Makeover.


Simple Smile Makeover

These may include just a dental hygiene visit and a tooth whitening treatment or perhaps a tooth coloured filling or some composite laminates. We commonly use contouring and bonding with tooth coloured composites to achieve subtle but distinct changes to the shapes of teeth.


More Complex Smile Makeover

Complex smile makeovers may still include tooth whitening and hygiene, but may add in replacement of missing teeth with dental implants or bridges. Additional treatments may include new crowns or veneers or even some teeth straightening.

smile makeovers in colne lancashire

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