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Teeth Whitening in Colne

An improved, brighter smile can be achieved effortlessly using a Boutique Tooth Whitening treatment. Custom made whitening trays are made for you to apply a whitening gel daily or each night depending on your preference. Over a period of around 10 days your teeth will gradually lighten and whiten. This is a predictable, reliable and safe method to whiten your teeth. Boutique Tooth Whitening utilises Hydrogen Peroxide – the only proven method to effectively whiten teeth.


Smile makeovers

Tooth whitening is often used as part of a larger treatment plan. For example, it can be used prior to placing composite laminates or porcelain veneers to brighten the teeth on either side and then match to the new shade. It is also commonly used at the end of an Invisalign Go™ treatment once teeth are aligned.


Safe, reliable, predictable

Only whitening treatments carried out by a dental professional can achieve the long lasting results you desire in a safe manner.

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