Before and After teeth whitening in Colne, near Burnley in Lancashire.

Whiten, Brighten & Bond – Teeth Whitening in Colne

I wanted to share this case with you because we had a great result, the patient was really pleased with the outcome and we achieved our goals with minimally invasive techniques.  A lot of the techniques we applied can be used for a wide range of patients to achieve top results with minimal fuss.

We started in a situation where, after smoking for a number of years, the patient was unhappy with the stained, yellowing colouration of his teeth.  After discussing options, we decided on a course of treatment which involved application of custom-tray tooth whitening and composite bonding.

The initial tooth shade was recorded and photos were taken:

 Moulds of the teeth and gums were taken and sent to our skilled technician and he constructed a set of bespoke tooth whitening trays.  The patient applied a tooth whitening gel within the trays over a period of 10 days, wearing them only at night time.

*Research has shown that tray tooth whitening is the most effective system for whitening teeth*

After just 10 days the teeth had lighted considerably and we were both very happy with the result.  At this stage we decided to go ahead with some bonding of dental composite to the front tooth.  We used a minimally invasive technique which involved very little preparation to the underlying tooth.  A composite resin was bonded in place to blend in invisibly! Can you tell which tooth it is?



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